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Welcome to the home of the Nickerson Family Association!

The Nickerson Family Association, located on Cape Cod in Chatham, Massachusetts, is devoted to the Nickerson family name and the descendants of William and Anne (Busby) Nickerson.

The primary goal of the Association is to research and preserve Nickerson genealogical information. The Nickerson House and Genealogical Research Center, located in Chatham, maintains an extensive, growing collection of Nickerson records and memorabilia, based on over 100 years of research, as well as a large library of Cape Cod history and genealogy.

Adjacent the Nickerson House is the Caleb House, a 1827 home purchased with member contributions then relocated and restored on land that contains William Nickerson’s original home site from about 1664. The Caleb Nickerson House is open seasonal hours Wednesdays 9AM-1PM June 12th thru Sept. 25th.

The Association holds annual reunions and sponsors many events and projects throughout the year. Every Nickerson descendent or friend of the association is invited to share this great heritage and to help preserve it for future generations.


There are presently five published volumes of The Nickerson Family genealogy, which bring descendants of William and Anne Nickerson to the ninth generation. In addition, family records and charts are housed in the Genealogical Research Center to help you identify your Nickerson ancestors as we work on bringing the genealogy database and publications up to the present generation.

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about the Nickerson family, the Nickerson genealogy, and all that we have to offer to members and friends in the community.

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